Product Descriptions

Sugar Sauce / Sugar

Our sugar sauce gets its signature slushy texture from the careful combination of flavor-rich terpenes and THCa crystals. Our proprietary process retains the unique flavor and effects of the strains and cultivars we extract from, producing dabs that are just as delicious as the fresh flower from which they were processed. Sugar sauces are an excellent choice for anyone seeking maximum flavor and the benefits of full-spectrum cannabis extracts.

Our sugar is similar to sugar sauce, but has a higher ratio of THCa crystals to terpenes giving it a soft sandy consistency. Sugar is easy to handle and consume and also preserves the full-spectrum of beneficial cannabis compounds.


Our proprietary honeycomb, a White Label Extracts exclusive! Honeycomb is a light, airy cannabis confection that’s loaded with flavor and as smooth as honey on the inhale. Honeycomb is our most stable extract, with a distinctive consistency that retains its shape even in warm temperatures. In addition to dabbing, it is excellent when crumbled into a joint or on top of a bowl, increasing the potency and flavor of your favorite flower.


It all started here! Shatter is the granddaddy of dabbables. Our shatter is characterized by its brittle texture, candy glass appearance and high-THCa content. It can range from clear to blond to light amber in color. This classic, easy-to-handle consistency is the result of a meticulous and methodical manufacturing process, and is a favorite of old-timers and new dabbers alike.

Cartridges (Cured and Live Resin)

WLE cartridges provide a kaleidoscopic array of flavor options to tickle your taste buds, and are a surefire crowd-pleaser. We use high quality glass C-CELL cartridges that fit all standard 510 vape batteries. Offered in both Cured (harvested and dried material) and Live Resin (flash frozen at harvest) options, our high-terpene cartridges are painstakingly-crafted with zero additives, making them the perfect daily driver for your busy lifestyle!

Cartridge (Live Resin Liquid Diamond Blend)

With our liquified diamonds, White Label Extracts can lend a helping hand to our favorite strains giving them a little extra kick. By melting pure crystalline THCa into our delectable high-terpene cannabis extracts, we concoct a product that has all the flavor you’ve come to expect from our live resin cartridges while cranking the potency up to eleven!

Live Resin

Live Resin is our brightest and most flavorful line of extracts, leading the pack in quality and freshness! We start with fully-matured premium fresh flower that is grown to perfection. It is then cut and flash-frozen immediately after harvest, bypassing the traditional drying and curing process and locking in all the delicious terpenes and cannabinoids at their peak. Our painstaking extraction process pays off big, producing a product sure to please even the pickiest palette. Mouth-puckering fresh terps create a bold explosion of flavor that is tough to match. Treat yourself and “go live” today!

Diamonds/THCa Sugar

THCa  “diamonds” are coveted by connoisseurs for their extremely high THCa content. These raw THCa crystals are separated out from the terpenes and other cannabinoids creating an intense, fast-acting dabbable, with a clean and intense cerebral buzz.

Similar to “diamonds”, our THCa sugar is made by separating the granules of THCa from the cannabis oils, resulting in pure, isolated THCa crystals ranging from the size and texture of grains of sand to a soft powder consistency. THCa sugar can be dabbed on its own for an immediate intense cerebral effect, or it can be easily sprinkled into any blunt, joint, or right on top of your bowl to enhance your favorite flower!